Dear Friend in Christ,

This book, about the ministry of William Marrion Branham, is intended to better reveal God’s glorious plan for this day. We clearly see the footsteps of the just are ordered by God and that even the titles of the messages are ordered of the Lord for specific purposes. This short history of the Message includes titles, quotes, commentaries, and pictures from Brother Branham’s ministry, as well as important historical and spiritual events. In no way, does this little book cover all the supernatural events God accomplished during the physical ministry of Brother Branham, nor what He continues to achieve through His Bride. It is however designed for all those who love the Message of the Hour and also for newcomers and the new generation of believers. This “Companion book” will help you to understand the transition period to the bride age in the time of the seventh angel of Revelation 3:14 and 10:7.

The purpose of this book is to portray the events occurring at the time Elijah appeared, as well as the development of Brother Branham’s ministry through different “pulls” and dispensational changes. During this exciting period of time, Israel is reborn as a nation, thus fulfilling end-time prophecy; whereas the denominations and healing ministries of the church world descend into apostasy. Quite simply, they reject the Word. In His plan of salvation, God always reveals more of Himself. When God moves on, His Bride moves with Him by receiving His Word. Some notable persons of contemporary history are included in this book’s chronology allowing the reader to better understand why the prophet refers to them, when he does, in his sermons. I hope you are able to understand the different portions of sermons to follow in the context in which they were preached. This is spiritual reading material and is designed as a reference to accompany the reading of William Branham’s sermons. At times, it has been difficult to ascertain the precise dates of particular events in Brother Branham’s life. Instead of giving a day, month, and year, he might introduce a testimony with a descriptive phrase such as, “And here not long ago,” or “Later then, one day…” emphasizing the miracle that occurred, rather than its chronology. Therefore, in cases where we can give no specific date, we place that event before the date of Brother Branham’s earliest testimony on that subject.

I have consciously limited my comments; I do not attempt to persuade the reader to a certain way of thinking or doctrine. My objective is to leave the deep teachings to the local pastors. My sincere desire is to encourage you to dig deeper into God’s Message for this day. To simply state the aim of this entire book, I want to encourage you not to linger just with the messenger, but to embrace the Person of Jesus Christ, the Word Himself.

I would greatly appreciate any comments you may have, in addition to any errors you may find, as you walk with us through the amazing life of William Branham. I also gratefully extend special thanks to my brothers and sisters, who faithfully helped me put this book together. Over and over again we have been amazed at all the brothers and sisters around the world who have faithfully supported this Companion book. As so often happens, the project grew from the humble ambition of one man into a huge undertaking supported faithfully by dozens. Without the help and encouragement of the brothers and sisters from the churches in Bieselsberg, Germany, Lima, Ohio, U.S.A., and Cape Town, South Africa, who gave above and beyond what could have been expected or asked for, this book would never have been finished.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the cooperation and kindness demonstrated by Voice of God Recordings and Believers International, in Elizabethton, TN, for granting us the reproduction rights of their photographs. Similarly, we appreciate Oral Roberts University and the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) for allowing use of their photographs.

Your brother in Christ,
Markus Becker