In January 2012 we went to Tucson, Arizona to capture HD-Quality digital images of the some of the places Brother Branham mentions in his sermons.

The purpose is to allow you, the viewer, to better visualize the events in the“ Backside of the desert”.The documentation showing Brother Branham’s stay in Jeffersonville is extensive, however we found very little about his stay in Tucson from 1963 - 1965.

Our purpose for taking you to these remote areas is to bring these events nearer to the Message believing people, many who will never be able to experience these remote sites in person. Our motive is not to sensationalize these places, rather to allow you, the seeker, to visualize the rough terrain where God met with His prophet and to understand the importance of this period of time. Therefore, the filming was often made from the perspective of the prophet.

While in Tucson capturing our photos and film, we had wonderful cooperation from several different churches, such as Brother Norriega and brothers from his Church, Brother Strohkorb, Brother Olsen and Brother Ron Peterson from Phoenix, but most of all we want to thank Brother Green for his full cooperation in this endeavor. He honored us with two hours of his time to remember the life and importance of the prophet William Branham.

There is no doubt the introductions to each chapter, written and voiced, by our beloved Brother Lonnie also help to upgrade the whole project. His reputation as a teacher amongst Message believers worldwide helps to establish credibility to our DVD. I am personally very happy and thankful that we have our Brother Lonnie on the DVD as a wonderful memory. This might have been his last major project.

The interviews with some eyewitnesses such as Brother Mc Hughes and Brother Steven Olsen bring other wonderful aspects to events that we hear on the tapes of the prophet. We are especially grateful to Brother Byskal for giving us such a large block of his time for our interview.

Now our Brothers Harold Beckett from Cape Town and Gerd Rodewald from Germany were not only a motor and a mentor, but it was them who helped to finance the whole project. I do not know, how to express this in writing, but without them, there would be no book or DVD.

“Voice of God recordings- Brother Joseph Branham ” and “ Believers International - Bro George Smith” were very kind to give us pictures, material and their full support. As an update to this DVD, we plan to record some interviews with them in the coming months.

“ Soli Deo Gloria” – “ To God be the Glory”